Why you should appoint a Property Manager?

Property Management

Why you should appoint a Property Manager?

Here are some quick reasons why you should select a professional service:

  • They are professionals in property management. The services they can offer you and the tenant are usually extensive and are backed by industry tools and services.
  • Property managers have access to reports, fact and trends to help price and promote your property in the best way possible.
  • Property managers have good local contacts when repair and maintenance work is required.
  • Tenants most often find it easier to access and discuss matters with property managers as a third party, which means better communication and less possible conflict for you.
  • The property manager acts as a buffer between you and the tenant if things go wrong and can help negotiate matters so that conflict puts less direct stress on you.

What you can expect from a property manager?

When appointing a property manager, you will sign a property management agreement, and much like a lease, its terms and conditions form a contract. These agreements vary in their terms as agreed between you and the property manager and contain notice periods for termination.

Other functions of the property manager include:

  • advertising for tenants, including online advertising;
  • screening, interviewing and performing reference checks on prospective renters;
  • negotiating rental terms on your behalf;
  • explaining the tenancy agreement to renters and obtaining signed lease documents;
  • preparing the Entry Conditions Report;
  • lodging the bond with the relevant bond board or trust;
  • collecting the rent and transferring it to your account;
  • sending you monthly payments and commission reports;
  • receiving and conciliating rates notices;
  • arranging quotes and repairs and documenting these in your account;
  • conducting property inspections;
  • generally dealing with the tenant for all matters on your behalf, and
  • effectively managing your property for maximum return and convenience to you.

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